Berthe Vastenhoud

PhD Student Berthe Vastenhoud joins the MEESO project

Thursday 07 Jan 21

The new PhD student is going to work on the establishment of a framework to assess the ecological and economical sustainability of mesopelagic species.

The MEESO project welcomes Berthe Vastenhoud from Technical University of Denmark.

Berthe introduces herself and her project here: 

As a graduate from the MSc of Aquatic Science and Technology from DTU, I’m specialized in fisheries science, oceanography, and ecological modelling and analyses, and highly driven to find a balance between ecological and socio-economic dynamics related to fisheries.

Previously I worked as research assistant for DTU Aqua, analyzing and mapping the seasonal spatial distributions of ten commercial fish species in the inner Danish waters, and as co-founder and chief data officer at Berring Data Collective. Here we facilitated collaborative ocean observation in data scarce areas across the North Atlantic and Alaska, promoting interoperability of stakeholder driven ocean observation. 

Within this PhD project we will establish a framework to assess the ecological and economical sustainability of the two MEESO focus species, Benthosema glaciale and Maurolicus muelleri, through length-based stock assessment methods for data limited stocks, a feasibility study, and the adaptation and further development the DISPLACE dynamic fisheries behaviour model for the large-scale pelagic fishery (Bastardie et al., 2013). 

The MEESO project is a great example where science and industry will work together towards a common goal of sustainable resource exploitation, both ecologically and economically, and I’m looking forward to contributing to this highly relevant topic!

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