News from the MEESO project

R/V “G.O. Sars”, surveying the North Atlantic Ocean mesopelagic zone during the light summer nights. Photo: Chris Lindemann.
29 JUN

Successful completion of research survey to investigate the twilight zone of the...

A dedicated, one month MEESO survey with the R/V G.O. Sars has been conducted to investigate the North Atlantic mesopelagic ecosystem.

Photo: Klas Ove Moller
16 JUN

MEESO related network appointed as a UN Ocean Decade Programme

The JETZON network is appointed as a UN Ocean Decade Programme, acting as an international coordinator and focal point for Twilight Zone studies.

20 MAY

Video and report from sampling in the Nordic Seas

In July 2020, the MEESO project sampled mesopelagic organisms in the Irminger Sea and Iceland Basin. Video and report from the cruise are now published. 

Example from the pelagic midwater trawl, macrozooplankton trawl. From MEESO survey on R/V Árni Friðriksson in July 2020.
19 MAY

Status and progress of MEESO after 1½ years

The MEESO project evaluates outcomes and progress after about one third of the project period.

Twitter logo and MEESO on Twitter
27 APR

MEESO now on Twitter

The MEESO project has launched a Twitter account, @HorizonMeeso.

Berthe Vastenhoud
07 JAN

PhD Student Berthe Vastenhoud joins the MEESO project

The new PhD student is going to work on the establishment of a framework to assess the ecological and economical sustainability of mesopelagic species.

Deployment of autonomous broadband echosounder to collect high quality data on individual mesopelagic organisms. Photo: IMR, Norway.
23 NOV

Gear and methods are developed for sampling at mesopelagic depths

Researchers from work page 2 (Survey and sampling technology development) presented their latest results at the MEESO annual science meeting.

Spatial map of species abundance
16 NOV

Progress in modelling mesopelgic species and ecosystems

Researchers from work page 5 (Estimating mesopelagic resources and their resilience to harvesting and climate change) presented their latest results at the MEESO annual...

Macrozooplankton trawl sampling. Photographer: Svanhildur Egilsdóttir, MFRI.
10 SEP

PhD scholarship within the MEESO project is open for applications

The PhD Scholarship is offed by Technical University of Denmark. Application deadline is 1 November 2020.

Writing on pc. Foto: John Schnobrich, Unsplash
25 MAY

Strategy and overview for planed MEESO dissemination

The plan for external and internal communication, dissemination, and outreach has been completed and sent to the EU Commission by late February 2020.