News from the MEESO project

The glacier lanternfish (Benthosema glaciale) is most common in the North East Atlantic. Photographer: Amanda Schadeberg.
15 MAY

Lantern fish on the plate?

Is there a future in the commercial catch of lantern fish? This is what PhD Student Amanda Schadeberg  investigates as part of the MEESO project.

Ross Priory. Photographer: Douglas Speirs
10 MAY

Workshop on model data requirements

Researchers met online to discuss the data needed for the population and ecosystem modelling work in MEESO. “Outputs from this meeting will help to maximise the use...

Workshop participants
05 MAY

Workshop on data management

A common model for storing and extracting acoustic, biotic and hydrography data from the MEESO project was reviewed and consolidated at a workshop in Copenhagen.

WP8 Workshop Nov 2019
01 MAY

MEESO-website and plans for data- and knowledge sharing decided

Work package 8 meeting on dissemination of MEESO-project laid down principles and decided platforms for communication. Website expected to be up and running in late spring...