E-learning on quantification of mesopelagic resources

Monday 20 Mar 23

Target audience

  • Applied researchers in fisheries science, resource assessment and management advice – notably within pelagic and mesopelagic fishing and resource management advice.

  • University students (MSc, BSc and PhD) involved in marine resource and fisheries research, assessment and management advice programmes.

The MEESO project has produced an e-learning webinar on quantification of mesopelagic resources. 

This MEESO webinar under MEESO work package 2 and 8 goes into details of central issues of quantifying and capturing mesopelagic resources. The focus is on elements needed to minimize bias in size and biomass distributions, which has important ramifications also for acoustic mapping of the mesopelagic zone. 

Link to e-learning webinar 

Watch the webinar on quantification of mesopelagic resources (39:16 min.)


Webjørn Melle, webjoern.melle@hi.no


11 DECEMBER 2023