E-learning on mesopelagic commercial trial fishery

Monday 20 Mar 23

In this e-learning video from the MEESO project you can follow the trawl during a trail fishery. 

This MEESO video under MEESO work package 3 presents footage from a 2019 trial fishery for the mesopelagic fish Maurolicus muelleri, showing aspects of the best practices at that time and knowledge level.  

The non-narrated video documents trawl operation and performance, ending up with showing example catch processing, illustrating what a sea-to-product fishing operation might look like.

In the middle sections the video shows examples of herding of epipelagic fish, mesopelagic fish entering the cod-end, as well as mesh escapement from fine meshed nets. 

These are the same key issues identified for scientific quantification methods in the Quantifying mesopelagic resources webinar and shows that while the solution chosen to tackle the issue may vary depending on the desired outcome, the underlying challenges are similar. 

Link to e-learning video

See the video about mesopelagic trail fishery (4:20 min.)


Runar Gjerp Solstad, runar.gjerp.solstad@nofima.no
Eduardo Grimaldo, eduardo.grimaldo@sintef.no


23 JUNE 2024