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E-learning on the StrathSPACE Model

Wednesday 15 Mar 23

Target audience

  • Applied researchers in fisheries science, resource assessment and management advice – notably within pelagic and mesopelagic fishing and resource management advice.

  • University students (MSc, BSc and PhD) involved in marine resource and fisheries research, assessment and management advice programmes.

The MEESO project has produced an e-learning webinar presenting the StrathSPACE Model which is a discrete-time and discrete-space single-species population model.

This e-learning webinar from MEESO work package 5 and 8 consists of a video and slides providing an introduction to the StrathSPACE Model: a discrete-time and discrete-space single-species population model. 

The webinar outlines 

  • the technical challenges in modelling populations that are both physiologically and spatially structured. 
  • the technical innovations deployed in StrathSPACE in order to produce a model that is computationally efficient and hence fast-running enough to carry out parameter explorations. 
  • an example of the model outputs (spatial distribution, length distribution and biomass time series) for in implementation involving Benthosema glaciale, including a forecast of stocks up to 2050 under an RCP8.5 climate change scenario.

Link to e-learning webinar

Watch the video introducing the StrathSPACE Model (14:32 min.)
Download slides from the video 


Douglas C. Speirs,
19 MAY 2024