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Strategy and overview for planed MEESO dissemination

Monday 25 May 20

The plan for external and internal communication, dissemination, and outreach has been completed and sent to the EU Commission by late February 2020.

The MEESO Project Dissemination Plan launch articles for scientific and general media as well as webinars, manuals and videos for industry and managers. The work with the ambitious plan was coordinated by DTU Aqua who is heading the work package on outreach in the multinational MEESO research project.

Late February 2020, the plan that provides the strategies and overview for the external and internal project communication, dissemination, and outreach with communication means, structures, pathways, and timelines was sent to the EU Commission for approval.

The primary goal for communication of the 4-year MEESO research project is to spread and embed the project’s results and tools to appropriate audiences so that the knowledge, products and recommendations generated by MEESO can be applied and have real and tangible impacts.

Therefore, the project will include stakeholders e.g. fishermen, producers, managers and fellow researchers in a wide range of dissemination activities such as workshops and e-learning courses or webinars presenting the results of the research: State of the art techniques for surveys, fishing, processing, assessment and management.

This also supports a second goal of the MEESO engagement strategy: To measurably contribute to the implementation and development of national and international policies and management that supports the development of the European fishing industry, facilitating sustainable exploitation of potential new resources, such as the mesopelagic organisms. That is to investigate whether exploitation is sustainable and feasible before potential large scale exploitation is initiated. This is a main goal of the project. 

Off course, a major part of the MEESO dissemination plan is also directed at other scientists via production of scientific articles aimed for high-range, peer-reviewed journals. 

Finally, results from MEESO will be communicated to the general public via news articles, press releases, social media and via outreach to the press; e.g. journalists will be invited to join research surveys and commercial test fisheries. 

A third goal of MEESO is to share knowledge and understanding with the academic community as well as the wider public to increase general public and consumer awareness and demonstrate, in case, how mesopelagic fisheries can achieve long-term sustainability. 


Download the preliminary Project Dissemination Plan (version 1)


J. Rasmus Nielsen, Technical University of Denmark, rn@aqua.dtu.dk
Coordinator of MEESO work package 8