Photo: Klas Ove Moller

MEESO related network appointed as a UN Ocean Decade Programme

Wednesday 16 Jun 21

The JETZON network is appointed as a UN Ocean Decade Programme, acting as an international coordinator and focal point for Twilight Zone studies.

One of the current first priority activities of the Joint Exploration of the Twilight Zone Ocean Network—JETZON—is to establish a range of linked projects covering the full global scope of the Twilight Zone. The MEESO project is one of 21 projects linked to JETZON and the MEESO project congratulates JETZON with the appointment as a UN Ocean Decade Programme.

Like MEESO, JETZON focuses on the ocean region spanning globally from 200m to 1000m depth. This contains the largest and least exploited fish stocks of the world’s oceans. The Twilight Zone also plays a major role in global chemical cycles and the storage of carbon dioxide. However, it is poorly understood. The Twilight Zone is under multiple stresses, including fishing, deep-sea mining, climate change and proposed carbon dioxide mitigation methods. With the majority of the Twilight Zone outside national boundaries, its size and inaccessibility means that its study is only possible through coordinated international action, which is the aim of JETZON.

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