R/V “G.O. Sars”, surveying the North Atlantic Ocean mesopelagic zone during the light summer nights. Photo: Chris Lindemann.

Successful completion of research survey to investigate the twilight zone of the seas

Tuesday 29 Jun 21

A dedicated, one month MEESO survey with the R/V G.O. Sars has been conducted to investigate the North Atlantic mesopelagic ecosystem.

As part of the MEESO field campaign, the Norwegian research vessel G.O. Sars is surveying the mesopelagic ecosystem of the North-East Atlantic and the Norwegian Sea. The cruise started in Bergen, Norway, 1 June 2021 and ends there 30 June 2021. 

The survey has provided valuable information on the biomass distribution and its drivers, its role in carbon sequestration, vertical migration behaviour, diversity, and species nutrients and contaminants content. 

Read more and see photos from the cruise in this short report

Project Coordinator Webjørn Melle, webjoern.melle@hi.no