Panel discussion at ICES ASC 2019. Photographer: Natalie Greppi.

Outcomes of work package 7: Governance of mesopelagic resources

Planned outcomes of the MEESO project's work package 7. 

Scientific journal articles

  • Manuscript on policy landscape 
    Lead: World Maritime University

  • Manuscript on specific economic effects of changing carbon sequestrations patterns under various harvest strategies, management regimes, and assumptions regarding the social cost of carbon
    Lead: World Maritime University


  • Report on training materials, including policy-oriented outreach for decision-makers in government industry and civil society
    Lead: World Maritime University
  • Report on e-learning courses/webinars
    Lead: World Maritime University together with Technical University of Denmark (work package 8)


  • Webinar on policy-oriented outreach for policy-makers and dissemination of results from work package 7
    Lead: World Maritime University


  • Workshop on completion of interviews based on six regional trips
    Lead: Lead: World Maritime University

  • Workshop with work package 5, 6 and 7 
    Lead: World Maritime University

  • Demonstration of innovative assessment models, advisory methods, and management evaluation tools
    Lead: Technical University of Denmark


  • Policy briefings
    Lead: World Maritime University

  • Report on input to national, regional, European and international advisory bodies
    Lead: Technical University of Denmark (from work package 5 and 6)

Public outreach

  • The MEESO project will publish news on the website and make regular press releases etc. 
    Lead: Technical University of Denmark (work package 8)



Work package 7 is led by World Maritime University, Sweden

Contact: Mary S. Wisz,