Benthosema glaciale, or glacier lantern fish. Photographer: Svanhildur Egilsdóttir, MFRI.

Outcomes of work package 4: Mapping of mesopelagic resources

Planned outcomes of the MEESO project's work package 4.



  • Workshop on modelling data requirements
    Lead: University of Strathclyde (work package 5)

  • Workshop on key demographic parameters
    Lead: University of Strathclyde (work package 5)

  • Regional stakeholder and full-feedback workshop on data, parameter, method, and results exchange and on sustainable fisheries, harvest strategies, and resilience of the system
    Lead: Technical University of Denmark (work package 8)


Scientific papers

Public outreach

  • Cruise campaign blogs with invited journalists
    Lead: Institute of Marine Research (work package 2) & Marine and Freshwater Research Institute

  • Furthermore, the MEESO project will publish news on the website and make regular press releases etc. 
    Lead: Technical University of Denmark (work package 8)



Work package 4 is lead by Marine and Freshwater Research Institute, Iceland. 

Astthor Gislason, 

Klara Jakobsdóttir,
4 MARCH 2024