Concept of the MEESO project

The MEESO project combines state-of-the-art methodology in a multi-disciplinary approach.

The main concept defining the MEESO project is to combine state-of-the-art methodology in a multi-disciplinary approach encompassing biology, technology, industry and economics, as well as assessment and management science, to deliver appropriate management, policy and exploitation advice according to sustainability.

MEESO is centered on ten main outputs, each of which results from tight interaction between two, three or all four of the disciplines (see figure 1). These outputs will, where relevant, be developed in an iterative approach involving different stages of testing and adaptation.

Main concept of the MEESO project

Figure 1. MEESO’s core products and co-creational approach.

The multi-disciplinary approach will be implemented through the interaction between the work packages and tasks of the MEESO project as illustrated in figure 2 below.

MEESO work package structure
Firgure 2. MEESO work package structure and interaction.
2 JUNE 2023