Engagement strategy of the MEESO project

Three engagement goals 

The engagement strategy of the MEESO project has three goals: 

  • To spread and embed the project’s results and tools to the industry, managers and other stakeholders so that the knowledge, products and recommendations generated by the project can be applied and have real and tangible impacts.

  • To measurably contribute to the implementation and development of national and international policies and management that support the development of the European fishing industry, facilitating sustainable exploitation of potential new resources.

  • To share knowledge and understanding with the academic community as well as the wider public to increase general public and consumer awareness and demonstrate, in case, how mesopelagic fisheries can achieve long-term sustainability.

Stakeholder engagement 

Dissemination and exploitation of the outcomes of the MEESO project are inextricably linked with communication and stakeholder engagement activities. 

The most important stakeholders of the MEESO project are the fishing industry, NGOs, fisheries scientists involved in stock assessment and policy makers. 

MEESO will approach these stakeholders in a coherent and integrated way by drawing them together in an overarching engagement strategy. MEESO engagement strategy
Illustration of the MEESO Engagement Strategy and the interconnections among dissemination and exploitation, communication and stakeholder engagement with central elements (workshops and training) at the interface of these activities.

Dissemination plan

The engagement strategy is further detailed in the dissemination plan. 
Download the Project Dissemination Plan



3 OCTOBER 2023