Mesooelagic catch. Photo: AZTI

New publication: Economic performance of potential mesopelagic fishery

Friday 08 Oct 21

A new paper with results from the MEESO project has been published in the highly recognized scientific journal Frontiers in Marine Science. 

The paper provides new results on economic performance of potential mesopelagic fishery compared to current pelagic fishery conducted by the large vessel Danish pelagic fishing fleets. 

The paper provides new methods and information on the fishery dynamics, catches, costs and revenues with a very high resolution in time and space for current large scale pelagic fleets and for evaluating potential future mesopelagic fishery.


Potential for Mesopelagic Fishery Compared to Economy and Fisheries Dynamics in Current Large Scale Danish Pelagic Fishery
Silvia Paoletti, J. Rasmus Nielsen, Claus R. Sparrevohn, Francois Bastardie and Berthe M. J. Vastenhoud
Frontiers in Marine Science
DOI: 10.3389/fmars.2021.720897     
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J. Rasmus Nielsen, DTU Aqua,