Macrozooplankton trawl sampling. Photographer: Svanhildur Egilsdóttir, MFRI.

Work package 6: Managing and assessing social, economic, and biological impacts and risks

This research topic will analyse trade-offs and risks involved in mesopelagic exploitation. The topic makes up work package 6 of the MEESO project. 

Fishing the mesopelagic zone can have a variety of social, economic, and biological impacts. Some of these are positive, such as increased supply of food, feed, and/or nutritional supplements; some might be negative, such as ecological impacts and the use of economic resources. Therefore, managing a mesopelagic fishery involves striking the right balance in a variety of trade-offs.


The overall objective of work package 6 is to analyse the economic, social, and biological trade-offs and risks involved in mesopelagic exploitation, and to develop strategies to manage those risks.

Specific objectives

  • Assess the potential economic impact of mesopelagic exploitation.

  • Evaluate candidate management strategies.

  • Map the factors determining the social acceptance of mesopelagic exploitation.

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Participants in work package 6: 

  • Wageningen University
  • Technical University of Denmark
  • Fundacion AZTI – AZTI Fundazioa
  • World Maritime University
  • Marine Institute

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Work package 6 is led by Wageningen University, The Netherlands. 

Contact: Rolf Groeneveld,
23 JUNE 2024