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Work package 10: Ethics requirements

Work package 10 sets out the ethics requirements of the project.

This work package focuses on the ethics requirements that the MEESO project must comply with.

These requirements include, e.g.

  • data protection measures
  • procedures and criteria for recruitment
  • appropriate health and safety procedures for project staff
  • procedures to ensure animal welfare
  • measures to mitigate the risk of harming the environment
  • measures to minimize impact on endangered species and protected areas.




All partners of the MEESO project are responsible for complying with the ethic requirements.

Overall responsible for setting out the ethic requirements of the project is: 

  • Institute of Marine Research

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Work package 10 is led by Institute of Marine Research, Norway 

Contact: Anita Jacobsen, anita.jacobsen@hi.no

19 MAY 2024