New publication: Vertical distribution and migration of mesopelagic scatterers

Monday 25 Oct 21

Results from the MEESO project has been published in the scientific journal Deep Sea Research.

The article describes and discusses patterns and drivers of vertical distribution and migration behaviour of mesopelagic scattering layers in the North Atlantic – based on data collected during a trans-Atlantic crossing during the summer of 2013.

The work highlights the importance of in situ optical properties in the upper layers of the ocean to the vertical distribution of mesopelagic organisms, and demonstrates that even the vertical distribution of organisms that don't perform diel vertical migrations can be predicted from estimated in situ light levels.

The work also suggests that vertical migrations of mesopelagic organisms are differently structured in the eastern and western Atlantic.


Vertical distribution and migration of mesopelagic scatterers in four north Atlantic basins
Thor A. Klevjer, Webjørn Melle, Tor Knutsen and Dag Lorents Aksnes
Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography
DOI: 10.1016/j.dsr2.2020.104811
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Thor Klevjer, Institute of Marine Research, Norway
3 JULY 2022