Example from the pelagic midwater trawl, macrozooplankton trawl. From MEESO survey on R/V Árni Friðriksson in July 2020.

Status and progress of MEESO after 1½ years

Wednesday 19 May 21

The MEESO project evaluates outcomes and progress after about one third of the project period.

In September 2019, the MEESO project was launched and now the project steering group has taken stock of the first 18 project months. 

Below are links to a short description of achievements in each of the work packages of the project from 1 September 2019 to 28 February 2021. The MEESO project runs for four years in total. 

Learn more about the outcomes from the first 1½ years

Work package 1
Data management and dissemination

Work package 2
Survey and sampling technology development

Work package 3
Development of sustainable catch and processing methods

Work package 4
Mapping of mesopelagic resource

Work package 5
Estimating mesopelagic resources and their resilience

Work package 6
Managing and assessing social, economic, and biological impacts

Work package 7
Governance of mesopelagic resources

Work package 8
Outreach: Communication, engagement and impact

Work package 9
Management and coordination


Contact information can be found under each work package description.
For general questions, please contact Project Coordinator Webjørn Melle, webjoern.melle@hi.no



26 JANUARY 2022