Status and progress in WP8 by month 18

Status of activities and outcomes in the MEESO project's work package 8 from 1 September 2019 to 28 February 2021.


Work package 8 raises awareness and maximise the project’s impact. This is done by channelling management recommendations through to the appropriate advisory bodies, effective dissemination of existing and incremental knowledge, as well as capacity building for relevant stakeholders. Project progress will be communicated to the different target groups (partners, stakeholders, governance bodies and the public) using well-established platforms.

The primary goal of the MEESO dissemination and exploitation plans is to spread and embed the project’s results and tools to appropriate audiences so that the knowledge, products and recommendations generated by MEESO can be applied and have real and tangible impacts for the industry, managers and other stakeholders (trans-disciplinary, actionable science). This approach helps to ensure that the project results and tools are embedded within end-user workflows to maximise impact.


The main products and results obtained under WP8 so far are the following:

  • The Project Dissemination Plan.
  • The establishment of public and internal internet representation.
  • Facilitation of a row of Project Workshops.
  • Contribution to the Data Management Plan.




Work package 8 is led by Technical University of Denmark.

Contact: J. Rasmus Nielsen,